Our Services

The company's offering encompasses a range of services and solutions across its core areas of competence in:

  • Inbound Outbound and Back Office Processing Implementation
  • Contact Centre Recruitment Services
  • Debt Collection Services
  • Call Centre Solution Set Up
  • Hosted Platform (Infrastructure) Services
  • Call Centre Agent Training & Development
  • Data Mining

Consulting Services

We offer Call center specific consulting services designed to give our customers the competitive edge, improve business processes and ultimately grow their Line of business.

We will assist our clients to transform their operations to world class contact centre’s operating against global benchmarks, in some areas transform client Callcenters from a

Cost center to a profit center by leveraging/implementing new processes within the callcenter.

Some of the consulting services on offer:

  • Inbound/Outbound Processes
  • CallCenter IT management
  • Customer service consulting
  • Quality Assurance Consultancy

Contact Centre Recruitment Services

Our recruitment strategy is unique as we couple Skills, attitude and company fit to ensure we get the right people.

  • All applicants meets the minimum entry criteria for the specific job at hand
  • We recruit for attitude rather than purely aptitude. Recruits must display a great sense of maturity, self-confidence and must have a positive outlook on life and work.
  • We recruit people who pay attention to detail, who take pride in themselves and who are proud of their achievements no matter how small that achievement may be.
  • We seek out people who are stimulated by challenge and specifically look at their extracurricular activities and their involvement in their communities and other lifestyle activities

Call Centre Agent Training & Development

Recruitment and training of call centre agents, supervisors, team leaders, quality assurance consultants and managers. Services include screening of CV’s, telephonic interviews, face-to-face interviews, training, final assessment and placement.

Our outcomes based training modules allow seamless integration from classroom to the contact centre work environment. Our emphasis on one-on-one coaching (post training) by our trainers and quality assurance consultants fosters our culture of continuous learning and development.

We provide training across all aspects of inbound and outbound, soft skills, sales techniques, customer service, debt collection and back-office functions. Technical and process training is a key component of our training delivery.

Our customized training will cover the following key areas:-

  • Skills Audits and business process analysis
  • Custom development Sales Skills
  • Custer of business processes
  • Custom development of training material and curriculum
  • Soft Skills
  • Omer Service
  • Debt collection
  • Team Leader and Supervisor
  • Quality Assurance Consultant
  • Contact Centre Manager
  • Systems training

Quality Assurance

We provide Quality assurance monitoring for our clients. We shall remotely access your calls and score them against the predetermined metrics to ensure your customers get the best customer service.

  • All assessment criteria are aligned to client expectations and business requirements as determined by:
  • Agent product, process and service knowledge
  • Ability to resolve queries effectively through defined processes
  • Listening skills, empathy, respect, tone of voice, vocal pitch and voice volume.
  • Average handling time
  • Areas of risk to the business
  • Accuracy of information provided
  • Accuracy of data captured
  • Extent of adherence to such processes
  • And Overall professional conduct and performance.

Data Mining

The most critical service for an organization is Data mining in which large amounts of data are sifted through to show trends, relationships and patterns.

For call center managers, this represents an incredible opportunity to fine-tune processes, come up with innovative solutions to problems, and increase profit

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